General Objectives

The overall strategic objective of the network was to connect public national health technology assessment (HTA) agencies, research institutions and health ministries, enabling an affective exchange of information and support to policy decisions by Member States. This implied that the network would help to provide reliable, timely, transparent and transferable information on the short- and long-term effectiveness of health technologies as input to decision-making within the EU. By doing this, the Network would assist the EU and its Member States and the candidate countries, to plan, deliver and monitor health services effectively.

The strategic objectives of the EUnetHTA Project were:

  • to reduce overlap and duplication of effort and hence promote more effective use of resources;
  • to increase HTA input to decision-making in Member States and the EU and hence to increase the impact of HTA;
  • to strengthen the link between HTA and health care policy making in the EU and its Member States; and
  • to support countries with limited experience with HTA.

Specific objectives were defined to facilitate rapid, productive collaboration that would lead to the development of a range of practical tools to deliver the strategic objectives. Work Packages were aligned with specific objectives and each was expected to produce substantial deliverables (please see description of EUnetHTA Project Work Packages).

See the EUnetHTA Project Results

Work Packages

Deliverables and Other Outputs

  1. An organisational structure for a European network for HTA including a supporting Secretariat
  2. An elaborate Communication Strategy of the network
  3. An internal evaluation of the project
  4. The framework for an external evaluation of EUnetHTA
  5. A generic methodological HTA framework based on current best practices (HTA Core Model™)
    (HTA Core Model™ for Diagnostic Technologies and HTA Core Model™ for Medical and Surgical Interventions)
  6. Two pilot examples of Core HTAs for different types of questions
    (1 Core HTA on Drug Eluting Stents and 1 Core HTA on MSCT Angiography)
  7. Handbook on Core HTA development
  8. HTA Adaptation toolkit – from existing HTAs into other contexts
    (HTA Adaptation Toolkit and Glossary of HTA Adaptation terms)
  9. Applicability testing of core information from existing HTA reports in various national environment using the toolkit
  10. A book containing a systematic overview of the HTA & health policy links “Health Technology assessment and Health Policy-making in Europe” (developed in collaboration with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies)
  11. An open EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum to exchange views, expectations/feedback on HTA with stakeholders
  12. Web-based toolkit to facilitate European collaboration on evidence generation on promising health technologies
  13. A structured information service on high volume, costly, rapidly developing, emerging technologies
  14. A clearinghouse functionality prototype
  15. A handbook on HTA capacity building and institutionalising HTA
  16. Final report from the project
  17. EUnetHTA Conference “HTA’s Future in Europe”