• To produce examples of context-independent HTA topics (Core HTAs) for two different types of questions (e.g. diagnosis and treatment)
  • Linked to the HTA production to develop a generic methodological HTA framework based on current best practices (Core HTA Structure)
  • To support the adaptability testing of Core HTAs in various national HTA agencies (Adaptation, WP5) and to finalise the Core Structure after the testing
  • To participate in the development of models for policy transferability of national adaptations based on these Core HTAs
  • To examine the need for developing additional types of Core Structures.


  • Core HTA Structures for two different types of questions (therapy, diagnosis). 2. Core HTA pilot examples for two different types of questions
  • Collaboration with WP5 in Quality Management Procedure planning and with WP6 in planning for transferability to policy
  • Workshops for testing adaptation and transferability (arranged by WPs 5 and 6) 5. Handbook on Core HTA development and use.