The overall objective of Work Package 2 is to disseminate high quality information on EUnetHTA deliverables and progress to contribute to the development of a sustainable mechanism of HTA cooperation in Europe.
The specific objectives of the Work Package 2 are: 

  1. To disseminate information on Joint Action 3 both to general public and the stakeholders.
  2. To actively identify and engage stakeholders throughout the course of the project in order to ensure that the results of the project are applicable and appropriate to stakeholders.
  3. To develop post-2020 model of European HTA network in terms of effective communication with the key stakeholders.
  4. To improve knowledge, capacity and use of the EUnetHTA methodologies, tools and products in close collaboration with Work Package 6.


  • Leaflet
  • Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder registry
  • Report on overall training strategy and EUnetHTA portfolio
  • Dissemination plan
  • Final report describing the JA3 dissemination activities and strategies to support the development of a sustainable network in terms of communication
  • Layman version of the final report, written for the interested public as a target group.


The main external milestone of Work Package 2 is an operational Stakeholder Registry.


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