1. To develop and establish quality management (QM) for the HTA collaboration at European level in order to improve efficiency and quality of joint work, favour its adaptation at national and on EU level and its scientific up-to-dateness and acceptance. 
  2. To maintain and further develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the context of joint work. 
  3. To the network through provision and development of necessary methodologies and tools for joint work – in particular production of HTA information - at EU level.
  4. To increase capacity and know-how in HTA-bodies by development and provision of training for Quality Management and methodologies and tools in the context of EUnetHTA.


Quality Management

  • Concept paper for quality management (QM) for practical implementation in EUnetHTA.
  • Process definitions and SOPs (including checklists and document templates) for joint work.
  • Online and face-to-face training activities.
  • Evaluation of whole established Quality Management system.
  • Revised Quality Management system for joint work in sustainable network after 2020.

Scientific Guidance and Tools

  • Inventory, evaluation and prioritisation of methodological guidelines, tools and HTA Core Model® available at the start of Joint Action 3
  • New methodological guidelines or tools based on prioritisation.
  •  Implementation of manuals and practical tools to the EUnetHTA Companion Guide for the HTA doers.
  • Tools management (content management, user management, user support including training, maintenance and development).


Quality Management

  • Endorsement of QM concept paper by Executive Board
  • Implementation of process definitions and SOPs for Rapid REA in the EUnetHTA Companion Guide for the HTA-doer
  • List of measures for improvement of QM system (based on evaluation report)

Activity Centre B: Scientific Guidance and Tools

  • Gaps in available tools are identified 
  • Based on the identification of these gaps, new guidelines and tools will be developed
  • The EUnetHTA Companion Guide is available


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