We would like to officially invite all EUnetHTA Partners to the EUnetHTA Assembly.

Practical Information:
Please bear in mind that costs for only one person per organisation are reimbursable. If you choose to take more than one person to the event the additional costs have to be covered by your organisation. Further please be aware that the actual maximum number of participants per organisation is 2. Exceptions need to be qualified and agreed by the Directorate. The maximum for reimbursement remains one person per organisation regardless.

October 20, 2016: 9:00 - 21:00 ​

SQUARE Brussels Meeting Center
rue Mont des Arts
1000 Brussel

See attachment below for instructions on how to get to the venue.

We kindly ask everyone to register via the EUnetHTA Intranet.
Please note that you need to be a member of the EUnetHTA Intranet in order to register for this event.

Deadline for registration: 10 October 2016

The event agenda will be shared once it has been finalised.

For any further information or questions please contact the EUnetHTA Directorate.

Start date: 
Brussels, Belgium
End date: 
20/10/2016 (All day)
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