Registration for the EUnetHTA network requires a Microsoft account (ending in, or, e.g., and not an institution or organziation e-mail. These accounts are free and will only be used on a registration basis but are relevant to grant you access to the Microsoft-based Intranet. Need an account? or

If you need help with this please feel free to contact us directly. Once we have received your data, full access is normally granted no later than 48h

The intranet is available at 

EUnetHTA JA3 partners can register for the EUnetHTA Intranet via this link.

Your username for the EUnetHTA Intranet is the Microsoft e-mail address your register with. EUnetHTA does issue usernames.

Your password to the EUnetHTA Intranet is your private password linked to the Microsoft you register with. EUnetHTA does not issues passwords.

Additional information regarding EUnetHTA tools: For now, your new Intranet account will only work with this new Intranet. A separate solution will be found to access other EUnetHTA tools.

If you encounter any problem with access to the JA3 Intranet, please contact the EUnetHTA Service Desk:


NB: The EUnetHTA Website is a separate website and not connected to the EUnetHTA Intranet.