EUnetHTA is delighted to welcome you to our new website with a brand new structure and design marking the transition from EUnetHTA Joint Action 1 to EUnetHTA Joint Action 2.
WP4 is pleased to announce that the Policy for the HTA Core Model® and core HTA information is now available. This document defines the EUnetHTA policy to steer the utilisation and further development of the new HTA production and sharing framework, the HTA Core Model®.
EUnetHTA is pleased to announce the release of the Evidence Database on New Technologies (EVIDENT) produced within Work Package 7 as its third Joint Action 1 deliverable.
EUnetHTA Work Package 7 is pleased to present its 2nd deliverable for Joint Action 1: The criteria to select and prioritise health technologies for additional evidence generation.
The EUnetHTA Strategy 2012 and beyond is now published