EUnetHTA is conducting a pilot by WP5, Relative Effectiveness Assessment (REA) of Pharmaceuticals, in which the draft tools that are being developed for relative effectiveness assessment of pharmaceuticals are tested.

The first draft version of the report (rapid assessment of pazopanib for the treatment of advanced renal cell cancer) was ready in November 2011 and has now entered the consultation phase. WP5 member organisations and the marketing authorisation holder were consulted during December 2011 and January 2012.
EUnetHTA commits to providing an access point for communication with stakeholders to promote transparency, objectivity, independence of expertise, fairness of procedure and appropriate stakeholder consultations. Therefore, the EUnetHTA Stakeholder Forum’s WP5 Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) will be consulted in March 2012 and a public consultation will commence in May 2012.  
The topic for this rapid assessment, pazopanib for the treatment of advanced renal cell cancer, was selected based on input from WP5 members, input from the SAG and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). A submission file that was provided by the marketing authorisation holder (GSK) was used as a base for the assessment.  
EUnetHTA is very satisfied with the involvement and commitment of the marketing authorisation holder. This involvement has been crucial and is expected to improve the outcome of the project.