Significance of HTA and the HTA Network Strategy are highlighted in the conclusions on innovation for the benefit of the patient adopted by the Council of the European Union on 1 December 2014.

The conclusions offer a number of approaches and areas for strengthening of cooperation in HTA, eg, in the area of medicinal products, the Council invited Member States to “explore opportunities for cooperation on exchange of information between competent bodies in relation to a ‘life cycle approach’ for innovative medicinal products” as well as invited Member States and the EU Commission to “further enhance the joint work on HTA” through collaboration between “national regulators, HTA bodies, the European Medicines Agency and the HTA Network throughout the life cycle of the products, without compromising the independence and respective prerogatives of regulatory and HTA processes”.

HTA as a policy tool supports “evidence-based, sustainable and equitable choices in healthcare and health technologies for the benefit of patients” and is applicable to a wide range of medical technologies including pharmaceuticals.

Find the full text of the Council conclusions here.