Today, on 30 October, the first day of HTA 2.0 Europe conference, the HTA Network Strategy and the EUnetHTA JA2 Recommendations went live. The Recommendations and the Strategy have been developed throughout 2014 in parallel processes, with both the strategic and scientific/technical levels of the European cooperation on HTA working in synergy to ensure consistency and coherence of the next steps in implementation. Both documents were formally endorsed in October 2014.

The HTA Network strategy document sets out the strategic vision of the HTA Network (established in October 2013) for the European cooperation on HTA. The EUnetHTA JA2 Recommendations document focuses on the scientific/technical level of the European cooperation on HTA laying out factors influencing the implementation and development of the scientific and technical level and providing concrete recommendations on the organisational and technical aspects of the permanent European cooperation on HTA.

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