The two very first full Core HTAs are publicly available on the HTA Core Model® website. These are Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Screening (AAA) and Prognostic tests for breast cancer recurrence (PTBCR).

1) Population-based systematic abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) screening

This includes assessment of  a population-based screening of Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm (AAA) compared to not doing anything in the AAA screening in elderly at moderate risk of developing AAA.

(One single invitation for the whole target population to do one ultrasound scan examination. The purpose is to detect abdominal aortic aneurysm in an unruptured phase in order to treat the aneurysms with high risk of rupture.)

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2) Prognostic tests for breast cancer recurrence (PTBCR)

This includes assessment of risk of breast cancer recurrence and likelihood of benefit from adjuvant treatment (particularly chemotherapy). This purpose is to define the existing health condition in further detail to assist selection of appropriate or optimal treatment for break cancer patients.

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