LBI, (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology Assessment) Austria, has published a national report based on a EUnetHTA pilot rapid assessment of the herpes zoster vaccine, Zostavax®.

Since 2006, a vaccine against Herpes Zoster (Zostavax®) has been licensed for people over 50 years of age. A systematic pilot rapid relative effectiveness assessment of the vaccine was carried out by several European HTA-institutions in EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 WP5 Strand A and published in September, 2013.

A German language version of the report including information on the national Austrian context has now been published by LBI on LBI's website.

By applying the Core HTA information from the joint European work, the national report on Zostavax
® was produced with limited consumption of time and resources.

The sole responsibility for the content of the national report lies with the authoring agency. For further information please contact LBI, Ingrid Zechmeister (

Please follow this link to the EUnetHTA WP5 pilot rapid assessment on Zostavax®.