WP4 is pleased to announce that the Policy for the HTA Core Model® and core HTA information is now available. This document defines the EUnetHTA policy to steer the utilisation and further development of the new HTA production and sharing framework, the HTA Core Model®.

The policy is divided into five sections (A-E) that consider different aspects of the HTA Core Model and its utilization.

Section A is applicable to any use of the HTA Core Model. Sections B-E are applicable to core HTA information only, which in this context refers to any HTA information that has been produced and made available through the Online Tool and Service likewise developed within EUnetHTA WP4. Currently the tool and service are known collectively as HTA Core Model Online.

The Model was designed within the EUnetHTA project 2006-2008 and further developed in the EUnetHTA Joint Action 2010-2012. The Model is continuously utilised and developed within the EUnetHTA Network.

Please find the policy here.