EUnetHTA is delighted to welcome you to our new website with a brand new structure and design marking the transition from EUnetHTA Joint Action 1 to EUnetHTA Joint Action 2.

On this website you have many possibilities of staying informed on the EUnetHTA history, activities and important news.

By clicking on "about us" you can read all about the history, development and organisation of EUnetHTA including the mission, vision and values of the network.

Under activities, you can find descriptions of the work EUnetHTA has conducted over the years from the EUnetHTA project to the EUnetHTA Collaboration to the two Joint Actions, currently represented by JA2.

Under news, you can find important updates and information on for instance the deliverables and results of the Work Packages. Also make sure to check out our output page where all the documents are stored. Simply use the filter and find the report, survey or meeting summary you are looking.

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