JA-WP8 EUnetHTA Joint Action (2010-12)
2012 - PDF

This document presents the EUnetHTA Strategy 2012 and beyond.

Common interests and policies in relation to HTA have been explored and developed at the strategic level in the European Union for ten years. EUnetHTA (European network for HTA) has been a major platform for supporting this process, since its inception in 2006. Operating currently through Joint Action 1 (2010-12) and entering Joint Action 2 (2012-15), EUnetHTA continues collaborative production of HTA information between partner organisations and developing tools for such. This document presents the added value of EUnetHTA in this regard.

This document is part of the JA1 Final Technical Report as an additional output for WP8.

NOTE: For the full Technical Report, please follow this link