JA2-WP4 EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 (2012-15)
2014 - Web Page

The aim of this core HTA was to compare the diagnostic and clinical performance of two of the available technologies used for the screening of ColoRectal Cancers (CRCs).

Agenas, Italy is the editor of this joint assessment and the editorial team consists of AAZ, Croatia; UTA, Estonia; ISCIII, Spain; GÖG, Austria; HVB, Austria; IER, Slovenia; HVB, Austria.

Background on ColoRectal Cancers (CRCs): The origin is mostly from previously benign adenomas and have effective treatment if diagnosed early in their evolution. It is for these reasons that they are amenable to screening.

Screening can be done via three approaches: imaging, endoscopy and stool-based identification. Two of the techniques used in stool-based based identification are the object of this core HTA, collectively knows as Fecal occult blood tests (FOBT): (guaiac, so-called gFOBT and immunochemical testing, so-called FIT, also known as Immunochemical Faecal Occult Blood Test (iFOBTs).

The Core HTA is available online at the Core Model Online Tool here. Relevant document can be found as a pdf below.