EUnetHTA performs the function of the scientific and technical cooperation of the HTA Network.


The Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare was adopted in 2011 and stipulates (Article 15) that the Union shall support and facilitate cooperation between national authorities or bodies responsible for health technology assessment designated by the Member States. According to the Implementing Decision, the HTA Network is to be supported by a scientific and technical cooperation to meet the objectives of the European cooperation on HTA as per Article 15 of the Directive.

During the meeting of the HTA Network on October 16, 2013 in Brussels, it was confirmed that the function of the scientific and technical cooperation is performed by EUnetHTA until the end of Joint Action 2. This status is reflected both in the Rules of Procedure and the multi-annual Work Programme of the HTA Network that were approved at the October 2013 meeting in Brussels. After the completion of JA2, a subsequent appropriate mechanism of support to the scientific and technical cooperation is to be put in place by the European Commission, where EUnetHTA will consider candidating to take the scientific and technical cooperation on HTA developed since 2006 further.

EUnetHTA’s specific role as the scientific and technical cooperation on HTA in Europe

The activities of the EUnetHTA JA2 are supported by funding from the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme. The content and objectives of the EUnetHTA JA2 activities are defined by the EUnetHTA JA2 Grant Agreement with the European Commission and laid out in detail in the EUnetHTA JA2 3-year Work Plan. The strategic objectives of the EUnetHTA JA2 are:

  • To strengthen the practical application of tools and approaches to cross-border HTA collaboration
  • To bring collaboration to a higher level resulting in better understanding for the Commission and Member States of the ways to establish a sustainable structure for HTA in the EU
  • To develop a general strategy, principles and an implementation proposal for a sustainable European HTA collaboration according to the requirements of Article 15 of the Directive for cross-border healthcare.

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