The EUnetHTA Assembly is EUnetHTA's major governing and policy setting body. It is comprised of one representative of each of the partner organisations.

The EUnetHTA Assembly takes a strategic overview of the work of the EUnetHTA including functions such as:

  • Deciding by majority vote (1 vote per partner) on strategic matters relevant to the development of the sustainable European Network for HTA including changes in governance and organisational structure
  • Deciding on the Work Packages and their Lead Partners
  • Monitoring and supervising the progress of the network and performance of the executive Board and the Directorate
  • Selecting the non-Work Package Lead Partner members of the Executive Board. The identification of these organisations will be done through a mechanism of a) expressing interest to serve on the Executive Board followed by b) appointment by the JA3 Consortium members. In case of more than 5 organisations expressing interest to serve, the JA3 Consortium will vote on appointment of no more than 5 organisations to serve.
  • Facilitating the Directorate and the Executive Board with the execution of its coordinating tasks
  • Approving strategy, work plans, annual reports and budgets
  • Advising on future developments
  • Voting on exclusion of partners.

Delegates of the European Commission may additionally particpate in the EUnetHTA Assembly meetings but have no voting rights. Observers can be invited to the Plenary Assembly meetings to counsel the EUnetHTA Assembly but have no voting rights either.