The term EUnetHTA Associate is a EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 term.

To assess the eligibility of an organisation to participate in EUnetHTA, please consult the application process described below. 

Application Process

1. To participate in EUnetHTA, an organisation has to send to the EUnetHTA Directorate a letter (in English) indicating interest to participate in the  EUnetHTA activities (declaration of interest to participate in EUnetHTA). The letter should include

  • a brief description of the organisations competences and experiences in the field of HTA, its official mandate and sources of finance
  • specification of which EUnetHTA activities the organisation will provide input to (ie, via their contribution to the activities in the EUnetHTA WPs (project-based input) and/or performing general tasks that are not tied to a specific WP or project (task-based input)
      • Examples of task-based input: regular provision of information to the EUnetHTA databases (POP Database, EVIDENT Database, Core HTA information)

2. The directorate forwards within a week the declaration of interest to the Executive Board for comments and approval.

3. The Executive Board applies the following criteria to assess eligibility of an organisation to participate in EUnetHTA. An applying organisation should

  • be a public or non-profit organisation
  • have a mandate to produce or contribute to HTA
  • have an annual budget which is funded at least 50% from public sources
  • express interest in providing active input to the activities of EUnetHTA
  • agree to declare conflict of interest as required by the EUnetHTA policy on conflict of interest
  • agree to adhere to the EUnetHTA SOP requirements on the participation in the EUnetHTA JA3

4. The Executive Board decides on granting a status of a partner within a month of receiving a letter. Selection criteria to be applied:

  • Commitment to actively contribute (i.e. provide added value) to the activities of EUnetHTA
  • Possibility for project-based involvement (ie, in a WP) or task-based involvement
  • Competence
  • Experience in HTA
  • Strategic importance to EUnetHTA’s development

Among other things, the Executive Board reviews the possibilities of involving the organisation in the work of the EUnetHTA JA Work Packages and/or suggests alternative ways of involvement.

5.  The Directorate informs the applicant on the decision of the Executive Board

  • If the newly admitted organisation will participate in the EUnetHTA Joint Action activities, it will have to fill in the EUnetHTA JA Partner Form (Directorate will provide the form).

Participation in the EUnetHTA Joint Action is to be financed by the newly admitted organisation outside of the EUnetHTA JA budget. Any EUnetHTA JA sub-contracting agreements are to be discussed separately from the application process.

Applicants' Input Review Process

  1. The Directorate monitors and records the task-based input of the Applicants. The WP Lead Partners monitors and records project-based input of the Applicants in their respective Work Packages, and reports to the Directorate on an annual basis (as a part of the EUnetHTA JA Technical Interim Report).
  2. The Directorate summarizes the overall input of an Associate and reports to the Executive Board (at the time of the submission of the EUnetHTA Interim JA Technical Report to the EC).
  3. On a yearly basis the Executive Board evaluates the involvement of the Applicants and confirms the status of the Applicant on the basis of the continuous active input of the organisation to the activities of EUnetHTA.