To become a EUnetHTA Partner, an organisation must be officially nominated by the Ministry of Health of their country (from EU member states, EU-accession countries, plus EEA and EFTA countries) to participate in the EUnetHTA Joint Action 3, 2016-2020. An official letter of nomination signed by an appropriate official of the Ministry should be sent to the Directorate. It should include a brief description of the organisation’s competencies, mandate and link to the health policy in its country setting and contact information. The nominated organisation should inform the Directorate about which Work Package(s) they will participate in.

The Directorate will within a week after receiving a letter forward the letter to the EUnetHTA Assembly and to the EC for their information. 

Participation in the EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 will be financed by the newly admitted organisation outside of the EUnetHTA JA budget.