The HTA Core Model® is a methodological framework for production and sharing of HTA information. The HTA Core Model® is a registered trademark.

The model consists of the following three components, each with a specific purpose:

  1.  A standardised set of HTA questions (the ontology) allow users to define their specific research questions within a hierarchical structure

  2. Methodological guidance to assist in answering the research questions
  • Recommends use of already existing, generally recognised guidance and guidelines along with other methodological recommendations
  • Recuires transparency on the methods used when applying the HTA Core Model

3.  A common reporting structure for presenting findings in a standardised "question-answer pair" format

The Guiding Principles on the HTA Core Model Use provides the basic principles on the Model's utilisation in various settings.

The HTA Core Model is accessible free of charge.

All use of the Model is subject to HTA Core Model Licence.

Various formats of the Model can be accessed through the HTA Core Model Online Website.