The summary of the latest f-t-f Stakeholder Forum meeting in Brussels 5 February 2013 is now available.
We are pleased to present the final version of the JA1 WP4 screening model. The model enables production of structured HTA information which can be shared by HTA agencies and adapted into local settings.
The topic of this new Core HTA will be "FIT for colorectal cancer screening"; the Core HTA on this topic will be finalised within November 2013.
A fruitful first WP5 JA2 face-to-face meeting was held on 14&15 February 2013 in Diemen (Netherlands). Relevant topics for discussion were the finalisation of the work plan and the organisation of the work in Strand A (pharmaceuticals) and Strand B (other technologies).
We are very pleased to present the final version of HTA Core Model® and the Methodological Guidelines for Rapid Relative Effectiveness Assessment (REA) of Pharmaceuticals.