EunetHTA has developed several tools to support the conduciton of Joint Assessments, but also to facilitate the collection of evidence from the companies.

Access to these tools is currently restricted to EUnetHTA partners who have a EUnetHTA ID. Please note that the EUnetHTA ID from JA2 is no longer valid for JA3. In order to get a valid EUnetHTA ID, please register to EUnetHTA intranet via this link.

  • The EUnetHTA Evidence Submission templates were developed from an analysis of evidence requirements for reimbursement in Europe. It is a tool that agencies can use to request evidence from companies to support their HTA and reimbursement processes.The POP Database allows HTA agencies to share information with each other on planned and ongoing projects conducted at the individual agency. (read more here)
  • The HTA Core Model® is a methodological framework for shared production and sharing of HTA information (read more here).
  • The EVIDENT Database allows sharing and storage of information (read more here).