Project Manager 1,0 FTE

(Adviseur C, Schaal 11)

The National Health Care Institute

The National Health Care Institute (ZIN) is an independent, non-departmental government organisation. The tasks of ZIN include providing advice about and implementing statutory Dutch health insurance. ZIN has a major role in maintaining the quality, accessibility and affordability of health care in the Netherlands.

EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 (2016-2019)

The objective of this action is to support voluntary cooperation at scientific and technical level between Health Technology Assessment Bodies to validate the model for joint work to be continued after EU funding under the Health Programme ends. The cooperation between national and regional HTA Bodies is essential to meet the provisions set out by Article 15 of Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (5) and to create synergy with the strategic HTA Network set up under this Directive.

The general objective for JA3 (as a whole; per the DG SANTE Work Programme 2015), is to increase the use, quality and efficiency of joint HTA work at the European level to support evidence-based, sustainable and equitable choices in healthcare and health technologies and ensure re-use in regional and national HTA reports and activities. This is in order to notably avoid duplication of assessments, in accordance with Article 15((2)(d) of the Directive, a sustainable model for the scientific and technical cooperation on HTA in Europe. To this end JA3 is divided into seven functional Working Packages (WP) of which the first (WP1) is responsible for the overall management of the Joint Action.

An overarching objective is to develop a general strategy, principles and a proposal for a scientific and technical mechanism of permanent sustainable European Collaboration on HTA in the light of the Directive on CBHC. This states that a voluntary HTA network should support cooperation between national HTA institutions and support MS in the provision of objective, reliable, timely and comparable information. During the JA3 the collaborative production of structured HTA core information, including rapid HTAs, will be decentralised and the methodologies and production related information and communication technology infrastructure will be finalised as to stand alone from 2020 onwards. 

ZIN is the designated partner organisation to lead EUnetHTA JA3 from 2016 – 2019. For this task ZIN established the EUnetHTA Directorate to manage the cooperation amongst the 80+ partner organisations of the EUnetHTA consortium. This is an EU co-funded project with 60% of funds received by the European Commission. Experience with EU grants, management of and working in EU projects is of importance for all staff of the EUnetHTA JA3 Directorate. The Joint Action is divided into 7 Working Packages (WP), ZIN is the Lead Partner in WP1 (overall management of the Joint Action) and Co-Lead for WP4 in which it is responsible for the joint relative effectiveness assessments for pharmaceuticals.

For this project we are looking for a:

Project Manager (full-time) for Work Package 4


The WP4 Project Manager reports to the C.O.O. of EUnetHTA JA3.

Description of functions/tasks

The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating an external team of clinical researchers and conduct evidence-based analyses on pharmaceuticals. The Project Manager is accountable for leading a project team to ensure that project deliverables are produced and delivered in line with established EUnetHTA methods, processes and quality standards.

The Project Manager:

  • functions as primary contact for activities of the Co-Lead of WP4 – Pharma Joint Assessments;

  • coordinates the activities of the Co-Lead within WP4 towards the Lead Partner of WP4 and the second Co-Lead partner;

  • coordinates cooperation with other WPs where necessary or beneficial for the project;

  • coordinates the implementations of relevant products (Joint and Collaborative Assessments), specifically engages with Industry product sponsors, reaches out to EUnetHTA partners forming relevant assessment teams, coordinating communication and data exchanges;

  • reaches out to Industry securing relevant products for assessment are submitted;

  • attends relevant national and international meetings representing WP4 Co-Lead Pharma,

  • represents WP4 Co-Lead in the EUnetHTA Executive Board;

  • supervises the WP4 Co-Lead team within the EUnetHTA Secretariat;

  • provides regular reports to the C.O.O on the development of WP4 Co-Lead pharma team;

  • contributes to the interim and final financial and technical reports of EUnetHTA JA3 to the EC for the parts of WP4 Co-Lead pharma;

  • coordinates WP4 members interested in pharma products,

  • liaises closely with the Senior Scientific Officer of EUnetHTA JA3;

  • ensures that resource plans for upcoming assessment periods match with demand scenarios;

  • monitors and reports implementation of the deliverables and milestones for WP4 Co-Lead (pharma).


The minimum level of knowledge is acquired through the completion of a graduate degree in a health-related discipline, plus at least 4-6 years of relevant experience in the health sector or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

The Project Manager requires:

  • broad knowledge and experience in the development and application of health technology assessments;

  • thorough understanding of regulatory system for pharmaceuticals in Europe

  • strong organizational and project management skills to manage concurrent projects, ensuring goals and deadlines are met and quality levels are maintained;

  • ability to work and communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders and understand their diverse interests and agendas;

  • strong interpersonal and communication, writing, presentation, negotiation, organizational, and facilitation skills;

  • strong leadership and management skills to lead and work with a multidisciplinary and remotely-located team;

  • ability to independently problem solve and determine best course of action, using research, logic and evaluative judgment; and

  • flexibility and adaptability within the working environment; capable of managing multiple tasks and conflicting priorities. 

What we offer

Our offer is a two-year temporary contract for a full time position (40 hours a week) with excellent fringe benefits, such as a 8,33% structural bonus and nine weeks paid holiday when employed full-time. Salary is based on work experience and skills. (max. monthly salary of 4.605 Euros (gross) when employed fulltime).

Additional information

You will be based in the Netherlands; our office is in Diemen (The Netherlands). Kindly submit your application and resume to Closing date for application is two weeks from publication (deadline extended two weeks - last day for submissions is July 1, 2017).

For additional information on this vacancy, please contact the EUnetHTA JA3 Secretariat (M. Guardian, Chief Operating Officer), phone: +31 207978424,